A Guy’s Diary

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Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my stuff. We live in a world of information overload and there are a gazillion other places you could be on the web right now, but you’re here and I appreciate that. 

Why I Write

I don’t write to create a following or to generate income of any sort from this. I don’t write to get noticed or to teach anyone anything. I am sorry for being honest about this but I don’t write for you either. I write for myself. I write cause it helps me organize my thoughts about a certain subject. I read quite a bit and stemming from that and maybe a conversation here and there with someone or a personal experience I generate a never-ending windmill of ideas on a subject and writing helps me settle and analyze them clearly.

Why I Share

I share because  the same way I’ve been able to be positively impacted by someone else’s writing doesn’t matter who they are I understand that maybe one day someone can in some sort of way relate to one of my pieces and be positively impacted as well. 

That being said, welcome to my space, A Guy’s Diary. I figured I had to come up with a name of some sort and this name is just a description of exactly what this is. A regular guy, 29 years old, married with two beautiful children which I am sure you will get to know more of in the process of reading my pieces. I live in Miami (for over 10 years now) but was born and raised in southeast region of the Dominican Republic. I don’t think there will be a definite theme for this since its well a diary and basically I write about what’s on my mind at a certain moment. 

Hope you enjoy and if you feel like you want to share something I wrote please go right ahead, if it’s going to help someone I am all for it. 

Disclaimer: I am not a writer, just a thinker. 

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