Its Not Over Until I Win

By January 7, 2019 No Comments

Happy New Year to those I have not spoken to yet this year. 

I took a real one week hiatus from most work related things this first week of 2019. I needed a mental pause from the everyday whirlwind for many reasons. 2018 was stressful, filled with challenges and unfortunate losses. Which means it was probably a year of a lot of growth. These levels of stress are uncharted territory for me but life hits hard as responsibilities pile on and when you’re going after great things it tends to hit harder. 

I took this week to look back and bring all the positive things to light and look at all the things I learned from the negatives. 2018 brought us Thiago, and this alone outweighs all the negatives that happened. It also brought new friendships, as well as a tighter bond with old friends and relatives. A lot of good ideas and projects started brewing this past year and although many goals were not achieved in 2018 this week reminded me that we are a lot  closer to achieving them than we were 365 days ago. I went through my photo album and was reminded of the many great moments we had with friends and family. Nothing major, no big trips or purchases just small but precious moments. This past year I learned that I must love harder than I work. That I must protect my relationships more than my income. That I must strive to be a better husband and father not only a better provider because the opposite generates stress and hinders me from doing any of it well. 

For 2019 I have no resolutions. I have plans, I have work to do, I have a fire inside that continues to grow and not one that faded throughout the year and I am now trying to relight by telling myself things are going to be different because the calendar restarted. I decided last year that things didn’t need to be different, I had to be different and changing the things I needed to change about myself was going to take time and effort. I had to allow myself time to grow into the person able to the achieve the things I plan. 

As hard as 2018 hit us, this week strengthened my faith, rekindled my sense of gratitude and most importantly reminded me that, it’s not over until I win. 

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